Foundations of Tapping Self-Paced Course

Foundations of Tapping Course

9 modules including guided tapping practices and worksheets to support you on your healing journey

Learn and discover how tapping can support you and your healing journey

A foundational self-guided online course, in which you will learn the essential skills and knowledge on how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques to sustainably regulate your nervous system in order to enhance your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.


- Learn the what, where, when and how of Emotional Freedom Technique

- The foundations of EFT and how it can benefit you and your life

- Basic methods of EFT Tapping

- Ways to customize tapping to your needs

- Trauma Informed Tapping Practices



Module 1 - Welcome

Welcoming you to the container and how the self-paced course works

Module 2 - The Foundations

Learn the importance of Emotional Freedom Techniques and develop the skills of tapping

Module 3 - The Basic Recipe

Learn how to do the Basic Recipe (including practices)

Module 4 - Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Frequently Asked Questions of Tapping

Module 5 - Personal Peace Procedure

Learn how to do the Personal Peace Procedure and apply it to everyday life

Module 6 - Chakra Tapping

Learn how to use tapping with your chakras (including practices)

Module 7 - Incorporate Tapping Into Your Life

Understanding how you can incorporate tapping into your everyday life (and how to have fun with it) with a 30 day practice

Module 8 - Tapping Practices

A number of tapping practices to strengthen your tapping

Module 9 - Congratulations

Congratulating yourself on inviting EFT and other tapping practices into your life

You will also receive a downloadable workbook packed with practices to support you on your tapping healing journey.

Each module has carefully crafted bite-sized lessons to support your nervous system and the invitation of tapping into your life.



How long will I have access to the course?

The course content is lifetime access. For the foreseeable future the course content will be hosted in the current learning platform. If it is rehoused sometime in the future, you will be notified and receive access to the content via another platform or file format.

How do I access the course?

On checkout you will receive access to the learning platform where you have instant access to all the content. You will receive an instant pop-up notification to notify you of your sign in and password. Please screen shot the pop-up notification. You will have access to the platform via desktop or device that login. Within 24-48 hours after your course purchase, you will also receive an email from notifying you again of your sign in and password. 

How is the course delivered?

The course is broken up into 9 different modules. Within those modules with have a number of lessons to guide you through the processes. Each lesson has a video/audio/ transcript of the same content to support you with the learnings in however you prefer to receive the information. (Tapping practices will not have a transcript). There is also a downloadable workbook that contains some worksheets to help measure your your progress and keep you focused on your tapping journey.

How long will it take to complete the course?

This is a self-paced course. There is over 6 hours of video content for you to consume (over 3 hours are in tapping practices alone). You can binge on the content or you can watch a video a day. Whatever works for you and your life.

Will completing this course give me a certification in EFT?

No, this is a foundation course to allow you to use EFT in your life for your personal growth and transformation.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds on my self-paced courses. You can view my Terms and Conditions here

Still have questions? Feel free to ask me your question here


What's included:

Learnings available in video, audio and transcript format

17 x guided tapping practices available in video, audio and summarized scripts

Downloadable PDF Workbook containing worksheets

All future updates to the course

Over 6 hours of content (over 3 hours being Trauma Informed Tapping Practices)

Stacey, oh I love your Foundations of Tapping. Throughout the course I felt your incredible space holding skills shine through, feeling safe, held and free to explore. Your natural, nurturing and supportive tones allowed me to enjoy all the theory and practices effortlessly. The guided practices are absolutely beautiful, many easily becoming favourite’s to come back. I love the passion in introducing these incredible life changing skills into people's lives giving them a great tool to add to the self-help toolkits. With easy to follow instructions and creating an incredible workbook. Delivering the course in multiple ways, inviting the participants the option for what may work best for them. As someone that uses EFT consistently there isn’t anything you haven’t thought to exclude, giving a beautiful depth in knowledge and various ways to incorporate this into everyday life. You are simply divine and this is an amazing course in personal growth and development. Your love, energy and heart is well and truly felt throughout this course. Highly recommend this course. - Karen

This course was amazing! I didn't know about tapping before doing Stacey's Foundation of Tapping Course. I really enjoyed how the course was broken up into small bits and yet was still so detailed. I have learnt so much. I loved the tapping practices included and the workbook. I am excited to say after doing this course, I have definatly invited tapping into my life. I wish I knew about tapping sooner. Its a game changer. Thank you Stacey! This course is worth every cent and I highly recommend this course. 

- Sarah

From the moment that I watched the first video, I knew that I was in safe hands. Moving through the modules and lesson and watching Stacey in her apparent zone of genius was amazing. There is soo much to learn from Stacey in this program from a personal perspective. The information in depth, yet, in small doses, so you never feel overwhelmed. I do love size snack sized lessons of the program, so I can go through at my own pace.  The workbook that accompanies the course is enough for me to pay the investment. It is a resource that you can keep coming back to year after year. All together, I can tell that this is an offering of love, expertise and a synthesis of experience, creating a generous and well thought our program.  Although I don't use tapping every day in my life, after the program, I feel called to utilise this tool even more. I would highly recommend anyone invest in this course. The workbook and practices will set you up for success.  The wealth of information and insight in this program is a toanga (treasure) indeed. Arohanui

- Alison 



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9 Modules

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