Foundations of Tapping: Inviting EFT and Other Tapping Practices into Your Life Paperback

Are you ready to learn and discover how EFT and other tapping practices can support you on your healing journey?

Foundations of Tapping: Inviting EFT and other tapping practices into your life is a foundational book to empower you in your own transformation where you will learn the essential skills and knowledge on how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques and other tapping practices to regulate your nervous system, integrate the learnings and tapping practices, and give you the confidence to use tapping in your everyday life.

This book has an accompanying book (not included in this purchase) called Foundations of Tapping Companion Workbook. Within this book includes worksheets as you use Emotional Freedom Techniques and other tapping practices to regulate your nervous system, integrate the learnings and tapping practices, and participating in a 30-day practice, giving you the confidence to use tapping in your everyday life.

"In an increasingly challenging world it is a gift to find a book like 'Foundations of Tapping' by Stacey Webb. Stacey shares with us her knowledge of tapping in a way that encourages us to make this a daily part of our life. She is a caring and compassionate writer and her latest book gives us a tool to meet our daily challenges more comfortably. Tapping as shown in 'Foundations of Tapping' is easy to learn and is a valuable resource to buffer us in times of need. You will be glad to have this knowledge"

Angelique Adams – Soul Mentor, Intuitive Intelligence Tapping

"Stacey Webb has poured her heart and soul into this must-have bundle! I couldn't wait to turn every page as I learned something new that will benefit me as I advance through life. These techniques will become part of your toolkit in life because life happens to us at all times and when we know how to recover from it with the right tools and resources, we don't fall too far. I highly recommend Foundations of Tapping and its Companion Workbook to everyone reading this and your loved ones."

Karen Mc Dermott – Publisher, Author, and Life Philosopher

Once you have read 'Foundations of Tapping', you will keep the book close by as a reference. Stacey Webb has packed the pages (and the Companion Workbook) full of simple tools and advice, ready for readers of all ages to put into practise. Stacey has done a wonderful job turning this alternative form of therapy into something comforting and familiar. I found myself tapping along as I was reading, feeling noticeably more calmer after completing the exercises. 'Foundations of Tapping' will benefit anyone who wants to bring a sense of calm into their life, but will be especially useful for those seeking relief from anxiety, phobias, PTSD or any form of healing. The author has credibility and experience, having successfully achieved fabulous results utilising various methods of tapping in both her work and personal life. 'Foundations of Tapping' is sure to have a positive impact on your life, as it has on mine. I would highly recommend this book for beginners, as well as those who want to expand the knowledge they already have of tapping.

Lisa Benson – Author of 'Where Have I Been All My Life?'

Stacey Webb's, 'Foundations of Tapping' along with her beautifully presented 'Foundations of Tapping Companion Workbook' came into my life at exactly the right moment, where I was looking for something to assist me and my nervous system. As a mental health worker, I understand the importance of self care and not burning out, and so am always on the look out for tools and life practices that can assist me in supporting my nervous system. Along with being kind to myself and aiming to live a peaceful life. In the Foundations of Tapping, Stacey gifts the reader with so many tools and opportunities along with easy practices to help you maintain daily, beneficial tapping that can help you heal on so many levels. I highly recommend these insightful books packed with Stacey's gift of knowledge on tapping and all the phenomenal benefits it can bring to your life, and those around you. Congratulations Stacey Webb, and Thank You.

Mickey Martin – Award Winning Author

"The best self-help books make you feel like the author is sitting beside you, guiding you through the practices suggested in their books. Ms. Webb's book is no exception. As you read, you can almost hear her calm voice leading you through the exercises, creating a safe space in which to learn, and to move at one's pace. This book and it's accompanying workbook create a relationship between the author and the reader. One that encourages a sense of tranquility and trust whilst applying the practical advice."

D.D. Line – Author

"Very informative and loved the practices in the workbook! Tapping is something my children and I use often, on ourselves, each other, and our animals."

Kia West – Spiritual Director

"I am enamoured by the bundle that Stacey Webb has created. Not only do you get the why, but the how. With many opportunities along the way to expand your toolkit in simple, accessible, and immediate ways. The addition of the 'Foundations of Tapping Companion Workbook' is a panacea for my heart as someone that loves to journal and track the experiment that is life. Having all the prompts ready for my 30 day practice, which I just fill in is a massive timesaver and consistent way to build a flexible and dynamic daily practice. I wholeheartedly recommend 'Foundations of Tapping' and the 'Foundations of Tapping Companion Workbook' to all my family and friends. In a world that is saturated with fluff, this is a welcome balm of practical wisdom and lived experience that will fit into any lifestyle and circumstance.

Alison Haitana – Author, Story Alchemist, and Tech Mystic

$1 from every book you purchase from me is donated to Fortem Australia.

Fortem provides specialised wellbeing and mental fitness support to first responder families.


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