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Discover the exciting array of upcoming workshops and speaking engagements featuring Stacey.

Extend a warm invitation to Stacey, who can infuse your event with inspiration, empowerment, and insightful discussions on vital topics like self-care, the nervous system, somatic embodiment, and intuitive intelligence. These transformative conversations aim to enhance your emotional regulation while tuning you into your intuition, fostering a deeper sense of self-awareness and self-compassion.

Don't miss this chance to embark on a journey of growth and holistic well-being with Stacey at your side.

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Enrich your life or virtual stage by welcoming a visionary speaker and facilitator who can empower and inspire your audience while creating an innovating and engaging space

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Create transformation in the room with your community or team through powerful somatic embodiment and intuitive intelligence tools and methodologies

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Interview Stacey Webb on her podcast for her unique experience, insights, and expertise in nervous system expansion

Upcoming Events

In-Person Workshop at Chapters and Leaves in Faulconbridge, Blue Mountains, NSW

Intuition and the Heart Connection Workshop

Saturday 18th May 2024 3:30pm - 5:30pm $40 per person

Email me to make payment and secure your spot

In Person Workshops at Chapters and Leaves

Intuition and the Heart Connection Workshop

Tapping Into Wholeness Workshop

"I LOVED the Spring Equinox! it was like a light being shone into my soul and igniting me with freshness and confidence"

💖 Mel (Spring Equinox Experience)

"You are so good!! You absolutely bring wisdom, knowledge, light and love to all that you speak and do! So glad I came! And no word of a lie- something hundred percent changed in me, and I’ve been up and alive all day! I’ll definitely be using a lot of those practices! So much love for you"

💖 Lisa (Intuition and the Heart Connection In-Person Workshop)

"Just felt compelled to reply.  I loved last night's circle. I felt powerful energy and potent intuitive wisdom bubbling away...I numb a lot of my power away because it's so intense and I'm slowly trying to reconnect. I love and appreciate your gentle reassurance through this process. The conscious encoding is so freaking awesome.  I knew my subconscious was listening.  Even this morning my symbol came to me within 10 minutes of bought instantly back the feeling state from last night. Thank you."

💖 Rachel (Spring Equinox Experience)

"I absolutely loved the workshop. I loved the group that came. Everyone seemed to gain so much from it. You really did so well with the balance of talking and breaking it up with the practical exercises."

💖 Carrisa (Intuition and the Heart Connection In-Person Workshop)

"Stacey's masterclass was such a wholesome gathering to be apart of. From the very beginning to the very end. Stacey guided us through the process. She allowed us to feel safe and supported on our journey to connecting deeper to ourselves. Stacey holds space in a way that truly enables you to feel safe and seen. Stacey brings so much warmth and love to what she does. I truly felt supported and I noticed a shift within me after she took us through a beautiful visualisation practice. I felt lighter and I felt a deeper sense of love, acceptance and belonging within myself"

💖 Courtney (Deep Belonging Masterclass)

"I had the privilege of listening to Stacey speak at a conference in Melbourne. Her remarkable stage presence, characterised by a calming yet assertive tone, truly captivated the audience. It was evident that she possessed a profound knowledge of EFT and other tapping practices, and her genuine passion for helping people shone through. Stacey skilfully engaged with the audience, ensuring that everyone departed with practical techniques to seamlessly incorporate tapping into their daily lives."

💖 Hannah (ABLE Book Launch and Expo)

'I didn't realize how much I needed this beautiful, deep, and welcoming space Stacey created in her Deep Belonging masterclass. Given how heavily life feels these days, it was the balm and the community I didn't realize I needed. Stacey's warmth, expertise, and desire to be of service are a potent combination for this work. I'm so glad I signed up'

💖 Sonja (Deep Belonging Masterclass)

'I discovered tapping around 10 years ago, having been to a workshop back then,  then seeing a world-renowned practitioner at a seminar. I've read several books and followed a number of practitioners on social media.  I knew the benefits of it but it was something that fell away for whatever reason. 

I am familiar with Stacey's work through her books and had been to her intuition workshop last year, so when I heard she was having a Tapping workshop I was very keen to go. I'm so glad I did!  I honestly didn't expect to learn a great deal, rather, I was looking at it as a 'refresher' of sorts. I was pleasantly surprised to have learnt a great deal. I really appreciated how thoroughly Stacey went through explaining the way the brain works and how the body's meridians store past trauma. That in itself was such an eye opener. I have limited mobility so was thrilled to learn how I could incorporate tapping into my life in a variety of ways. I also loved Stacey's way of breaking down the process of Tapping and showing how flexibly it could be done. I left feeling so much lighter than when I walked in, and can't recommend Stacey more highly. Thanks so much Stacey'

💖 Michelle (Tapping Into Wholeness In Person Workshop)

Opening our space for Stacey to facilitate a tapping workshop was a wonderful experience. She arrived at the arranged time and was very professional and organised. She's instantly warm and welcoming and so easy to set up a space for. She was lovely to chat to at the end, and even helped pack up the immediate area. Her presence was genuine and calm. We will definitely have her back!

💖 Chapters And Leaves

Stacey facilitated an Emotional Freedom Technique - Tapping Masterclass for our  private community of Reiki and Crystal healers in the Nourished Energy student facebook group. Stacey is a wealth of knowledge in the realm of somatic healing and her guidance was clear, compassionate, and deeply insightful.
This masterclass was very popular with our students, with many advising that they had taken a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge from it. We are so grateful for Stacey sharing her knowledge on EFT and for providing several practices that our students can incorporate into their daily lives as well as return to for guidance.
I highly recommend Stacey's masterclasses for any communities wanting to delve deeper into somatic work and specifically EFT.

💖 Glowing Soul Healing

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