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Welcome to my Affiliate Directory! Here, you'll find a curated list of brands that I personally use and love. I believe in these products and services, and I’m excited to share them with you.

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One of the standout experiences I’ve had is with the Embodied Processing Practitioner courses. I have completed both Level 1 and Level 2, and I can honestly say these courses are nothing short of amazing. They offer a wealth of knowledge on somatics and the nervous system, presented in a beautifully supportive and engaging way. The transformative impact these courses have had on my understanding and practice is truly profound.

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I am currently enrolled in Tamala's Spiritual Companioning Practitioner and Purify Program, and I am continually amazed by her profound knowledge on addiction. Tamala's programs are incredibly generous, reflecting her caring and compassionate nature. I truly appreciate her teaching style and have gained so much from her insights and guidance.

Please mention my name to Tamala when enrolling


I am a proud member of Leonie's Brilliant Biz and Life Academy, and I am truly inspired by everything about Leonie. She is an incredible businesswoman, radiating creativity and authenticity in all she does. Leonie's Brilliant Biz and Life Academy is brimming with fantastic courses, masterclasses, and so much more.


As an Urban Retreat Ambassador and Consultant, I am a huge enthusiast of their products. I am particularly drawn to Urban Retreat because of their commitment to being cruelty-free, which aligns with my values. Their skincare products have been transformative, providing exceptional support for my skin, and their makeup line is equally impressive. I genuinely love the quality and effectiveness of everything they offer, making it a joy to share these products with others.

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